Charita Renee Franks

    Charita Renee Franks (aka) RITA, is all about musical creativity and spontaneity. She has a smooth  side and a high energy side.  People say that she sounds like none other.  She can change the mood of a room in an instant when she opens her  mouth and the magic comes  out.  Singing with a  passionate connection to the music, she may act out parts of songs, add humorous elements,  truly  engaging the audience with her performances. 

 Rita sings the songs that people forgot about, setting her apart from most performers. 
Her music   tells stories and she puts on a show that grabs the undivided attention of        everyone in the room.

   Charita was born on July 11th 1975 in Cleveland, Ohio. She started singing at a very young age in church.  In 2004 she joined her first band, the Chozen Few Band, leaving in 2010.    Ralph Johnson, band leader for the Chozen Few, was hard on her, but it has all paid off.  He was and still is one of the best band leaders around.   She has also performed with In Demand Band, Afterthought and NU Soul, 4Ever Band, and Special Request.  Special Request band leader John English has taught Rita more than she could imagine about all aspects of music, professionalism, and order.    So this brings us to the present with Charita leading her own band featuring the finest musicians N.E Ohio has to offer.

  Charita is known for her crazy personality that brings the WOW factor to her performances.  It does not matter if the song was sung by a male or a female, she nails it.  She’s not afraid to think outside the box or take chances.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a cappella or laying it down with a full band, “THE SHOW MUST GO ON”.  

   Charita Franks is the proud mother of 4 children and just had her 1st grandchild on March 2nd 2015. She currently resides in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with her significant other she affectionately calls her “ANGEL”.  Her hopes and dreams are to one day sing on a stage in front of millions. 

Her Motto  
“All you have to do is BELIEVE”